Human Rights Abuse Documentation Project

We are collaborating with the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and Centro Legal de la Raza to document human rights abuses and rights violations against immigrant communities in Alameda County. Using NNIRR’s HURRICANE model of a community-based process to document abuses, we have organized two community trainings with over forty people trained on human rights and abuse documentation.

Livermore KYR training

Livermore KYR training

Community members are coming forward and telling their stories of abuse and exploitation, denouncing the injustices committed against them. We are interviewing community members who have been impacted by immigration enforcement policies such as S-Comm and other abuse by authorities or employers due to their actual or perceived immigration status and racial profiling.

By documenting the abuses committed against us, we are building a case for the changes we want to see in policies and treatment toward our communities. We have collected over 40 stories of impacted community members, workers and their families. Currently, we are focusing on documenting stories of people who have been jailed at Santa Rita and subject to an ICE “hold” because of S-Comm.

To get involved, contact Laura.