MUA Solidarity Statement: Against Border Militarization

JULY 17, 2013

Mujeres Unidas y Activas is an organization led by and for Latina immigrant women with a 23-year history of fighting for justice and immigrant rights. Today and every day we stand in solidarity with border communities against the militarization of the border that is already in place. A border that is responsible for undermining human rights, contributing to migrant deaths, and sabotaging the social and economic vitality of an entire region.

While we continue to fight and advocate for a just and humane comprehensive immigration reform, we are deeply troubled by aspects of the proposed senate bill that demand intensive moves to further militarize the southern border.

WE CALL ON YOU to support National Day of Action Against Border Militarization:

1) Immigrant lives matter. People crossing the border are coming to join their families. Net unauthorized migration from Mexico is at or below zero (more people are leaving than coming). The people who continue to make the dangerous journey are older, have made the crossing before, and have family and community ties to the United States. The militarization of the border will only lead to more family separation, perilous crossings, and unnecessary migrant deaths. Families will always find a way to be together; we need a reform that makes immigration accessible to future flow, and prioritizes family unity and reunification for those who have been separated by past and current deportation policy.

2) The rights and wellbeing of our border communities are not for sale. Border cities have consistently been reported as some of the safest cities in the US over the past three years. There is no threat of conflict from Mexico, who is our second largest trade partner. We see a disconnect between these realities and the reality that, with the exception of the border between North and South Korea, the US has more troops deployed to our southern border than any other country.

It is clear that policies prioritizing border enforcement are not driven by a desire to strengthen and protect our border communities, but rather are driven by those profiting– as demonstrated by the fact that some of the loudest voices calling for more border enforcement are defense contractors and others who stand to profit from the proposed $46 billion border enforcement budget in the Senate bill. We deserve and demand policies that limit the authority of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and end the militarization of and abuse against immigrants at the border (both crossing and living within the border zone).

Join us in demanding from our representatives a reform that is just, inclusive, prioritizes families, and recognizes the contributions that immigrants make to this country.

Thursday, July 18th, 2013 / News