Over 120 gather at Bay Area Detention Center Calling for an End to the Deportations! (by ICWJ)

We celebrate with joy the abundance of your creation. 
We celebrate the freedom we enjoy that allows us to gather here.
We also come with sadness in our hearts because there are thousands and thousands of families mourning relatives who have been imprisoned here and at other detention centers who  will likely be deported.
They have no hope of seeing each other again. 
Give them hope, give them courage, give them honor, O Lord.
 (prayer by Rev. Jose Ramos) 
Family members missing from the Thanksgiving table.

Amado Dios, de todas las naciones,

Tú nos has reunido hoy.
Como tu pueblo, celebramos la abundancia de tu creación.
Celebramos la libertad que gozamos que nos permite reunirnos en este lugar.
También venimos con tristeza en nuestros corazones porque miles y miles de familias están sintiendo la pérdida de sus parientes que han sido encarcelados aquí y en otros centros de detención y probablemente van a ser deportados.No tienen esperanza de volverse a ver. 
Dales esperanza, dales coraje, dales honor, Amen.
The people organized, will no longer be deported!

Please call ICE Director, John Sandweg at (202) 732-3000 and email: sanfrancisco.outreach@ice.dhs.gov

Ask them to release these loved ones detained at West County Detention Facility back to their families TODAY!

Claudette Hubbard: A#030-085-111

Walter Tulio Rodas Reyes: A#072-683-204

Claudette, with grandkids and daughter.

Claudette Hubbard, born in Jamaica, came to the US as a teenager fleeing LGBT violence, and has lived as a lawful permanent resident in the US for over 40 years. A dedicated mother of two, she was jailed on a non-violent drug conspiracy charge more than twenty years ago. During her time in prison, she received her associate’s degree, worked at a U.S. Army base, and helped provide volunteer social services to other prisoners. Upon her release from federal prison, she also received a full-time job offer with a nationally acclaimed human rights center. Two years ago today, Claudette hoped to be home for Thanksgiving after fully rehabilitating and serving a nearly 20 year prison sentence, but instead, immigration agents immediately transferred her into immigration detention for deportation to Jamaica, one of the most violently homophobic countries in the western hemisphere. Claudette is currently fighting for relief under the Convention Against Torture. Her lengthy immigration detention through this process is senseless, as she is not a flight risk, nor a danger to society.

Walter and Dorotea’s wedding photo.

Walter Tulio Rodas Reyes came to this country from Guatemala in 1989, fleeing persecution.  He is the  father of a US citizen daughter and husband to a lawful permanent resident wife.  Walter has been detained at West County Detention Facility for more than four months and suffers from a hernia. His wife, Dorotea, suffers from diabetes, and Walter was her sole help and support.  Dorotea has no other family in the United States and depends on Walter for her medical, emotional, financial and family support.  Each day Walter is in detention, exacerbates his medical condition, and his wife, Dorotea’s.
Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 / News