We believe in the right of every community to access quality education, jobs and
housing, regardless of immigration status.
We believe in the right of all families to stay together, without the threat of being
detained or deported from their loved ones. We recognize and embrace the
various compositions of our families, including extended, kindred and families of
same-sex couples.

We believe in the right of immigrant communities to access avenues to adjust
their status without having to pass through onerous hurdles. We stand for a
generous legalization package as part of just and humane immigration reforms
that put an end to the punitive and restrictive immigration enforcement regime.

We believe collaboration between local law enforcement agencies and ICE must
end to ensure strong, united, economically sustainable communities.

We believe in the need for long-term community investment including improved
job training and educational opportunities for all. Reforms are needed to uphold
the wages, workplace rights, and working conditions of all workers.

We believe in the right of all workers to access good jobs without the threat of
deportation on the basis of their immigration status.

We believe our local city and county officials have a responsibility to put an end
to the criminalization of our communities and treating truly inclusive policies that
ensure real community safety and access to crucial resources and services.

We believe we must invest in alternatives to incarceration for all people in the
United States, California and Alameda County, regardless of their immigration
and economic status. These alternatives must build personal and local
leadership and contribute to thriving local communities.

We believe in an end to detention and the expansion of detention centers for
immigration status.